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This portable and lightweight Nedis collapsible stand is a must-have for your desk! The holder guarantees that your laptop, tablet or smartphone is placed at the ideal viewing angle, so you can always work comfortably. The stand's open design ensures great ventilation.

The stand can be set in 6 different positions, can be easily folded and is super light. Therefore, you can easily carry it in your bag wherever you go.

The rubber feet prevent the tablet from sliding off and ensures perfect stability on your desk.

This stand is suitable for all Huion 13 Inch and 16 Inch models

Accessory Information

Nedis Standaard

180 x 250 mm

Kamvas 12
Kamvas 13
Kamvas 16 (2021)
Kamvas Pro 12
Kamvas Pro 13
Kamvas Pro 16
Kamvas Pro 13 (2.5K)
Kamvas Pro 16 (2.5K)
Kamvas Pro 16 (4K)
Kamvas Pro 16 Plus (4K)

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