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Looking for new working tools for your office, or do you want to digitise your office? No problem, at you are at the right address! Contact us for more information and to see what the possibilities are.

Not sure what products you need or still in doubt? Don't worry, our B2B sales manager Arnon Hoog will be happy to help you look into the various possibilities that are best suited to your company!

To receive a quote for a business order, please contact us using the details below.


Arnon Hoog 

B2B salesmanager 

Office: +31 88 0600777 also likes to cooperate with educational institutions! We from believe that the development of the youth is very important, therefore we like to work together with a college or university. Please contact us to see what the possibilities are! 




Discover the Huion line-up!

Inspiroy Pen Tablets

Our Pen Tablets let your creativity run free. A Pen Tablet consists of a digital drawing surface and different kinds of press keys. We offer a wide range of Pen Tablets, varying in size and combinations of shortcuts. Each model comes with a digital pen with Huion's advanced pen technology that makes drawing extremely realistic. Your actions are directly displayed on the connected PC or laptop which is super easy due to the extensive compatibility!

Kamvas Pen Displays

The most advanced way of digital designing. With our Kamvas Pen Displays you can draw directly on a digital drawing surface. This ensures the most detailed way of digital drawing. Go for the best resolution and choose for our new 4K screens to make drawing as realistic as possible. We also offer several models that are equipped with an extensive set of keyboard press keys. These shortcuts allow for a personalised control of your drawing program which makes for a super easy drawing experience!

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