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Huion PN04 Replacement Nibs


BARCODE: 6930444800918

PRODUCT TYPE: Accessories


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Reserve pen points, 10 per pack

Steps to replace the tip:
Remove the old tip, with the clip provided by the pen holder, from the pen. Push the new point into the pen until you hear or feel a "click".

Compatible with the following Huion pens:

  • PW100
  • PW201

These pens are compatible with the following Huion products:

  • HS64
  • HS64 SE
  • HS610
  • H640P
  • H950P
  • H1060P
  • H1161
  • H610PRO V2
  • H320M

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    PN04 Replacement Nibs

    PN04 Replacement Nibs