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Huion Inspiroy H1161

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A graphics tablet that can be connected to your phone/tablet.

The H1161 graphics tablet is a brand new product that can be connected not only to a PC/laptop but also to an Android phone/tablet. Coupled with a weight of 570g and a thickness of 8mm, this device is very lightweight and easy to carry, so you can pack it in your bag and take it with you easily.

Excellent pen performance

The H1161 is equipped with the PW100 battery-free pen, which frees you from the charging problems. Together with the 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity and ±60° tilt support, you can enjoy more precise and natural strokes, giving you a more real paper-like drawing experience.

Customise the shortcut keys the way you like

The 10 hot keys and 16 soft keys can be set to your liking.

Work area

Because the working area of a PC/laptop is different from that of a phone/tablet, the working area of the HS610 graphics tablet will be different depending on the connection mode chosen. For a PC/laptop connection, the working area for the graphics tablet is 37.2 x 22.1 cm.

266PPS+5080 LPI

266PPS helps to correctly reflect the movement of the pen, with almost no lag lines. The high pen resolution of 5080 LPI makes the strokes more delicate and natural, allowing for very detailed work. These configurations will significantly improve your workflow.

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Inspiroy H1161

Inspiroy H1161