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Huion GL200 Sketch Glove

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Creation Can Be More Comfortable
Huion artist glove is made from soft lycra and nylon, which is extremely flexible and comfortable for your hands. The two-fingers design is especially suitable for people who use drawing tablets/light boxes.

Everything is just suitable
Huion artist glove can support both left-handed and right-handed artists. Also, it has 7.87 inches in length, 3.14 inches in width, which is fit for both men and women.

Prevent All the Bad Things
Huion artist glove can not only effectively prevent smudges and scratches, but also help you to reduce the friction between your hand and the tablet surface, which always provides you the best drawing experience.

Accessory Information

GL200 Sketch Glove 20 x
8 cm
Pen Displays
Pen Tablets

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GL200 Sketch Glove

GL200 Sketch Glove