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Huion Kamvas 22

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A wide color space

A 21.5inch screen that boasts 120% sRGB color gamut enables 16.7 million colors to be displayed naturally and vividly on Kamvas 22. Together with the contrast ratio of 1000:1, Kamvas 22 can bring users an immersive visual effect.

Every detail is clear and crisp

The anti-glare matte film applied on Kamvas 22 is to alleviate the glare of reflection and guarantee clear display effects. The matte finish can also mimic the feel of drawing on paper. Besides, 178° wide viewing angle together with 1920 × 1080 display resolution allows users to enjoy delicate details from different directions.

Refined works with natural and accurate lines

Digital Pen PW517 that featured PenTech3.0 has a lowered magnetic core, which makes its pen nib more stable and brings better drawing experience. Moreover, with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, digital pen PW517 allows users to render lines in different widths and saturations as pressure applied changed.

Tilt your pen to create more

The digital pen can be tilted within ±60° to draw shadows like a real pencil. Additionally, lines input is smooth and natural without occurance of lagging and jittering.

Strong compatibility

Kamvas 22 can work seamlessly with devices running on Windows, macOS, or Android, and supports various mainstream drawing and designing software.

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Kamvas 22

Kamvas 22